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Make your own healthy water with this hydrogenwater generator! 

This hydrogenwater generator from APS Therapy ionizes your water in such wach that it is easier to assimilate in your body.
Take 1 to 2 cups on a daily basis and your cells will respond even better to the APS Therapy or EMT treatment because the water can pass the cells membranes more easily.

You can use the hydrogenwater for:

  • Decreasing bodystress with 20%
  • Increased hydratation of the tissue cells
  • Promote exchange of nutrients 
  • Promote the exchange of wate products
  • ...and because the water will be more pleasant to drink!

90% of the people using the hydrogenwater generator claim that they feel more fit!

Frequently asked questions:

Are there clinical researces on hydrogen rich water?

Yes, there have been done many researches to investigate the effects of hydrogen rich water. A well known research shows that hydrogen rich water reduces the K6 value for stress with 20%. This means more relaxation of the body which means that you can perform better. These studies also suggest that hydrogen rich water has selective antioxidant properties, and can exert antiapoptotic, antiinflammatory and antiallergy effects.
*K6 comes from the Kessler 6 test which was performed in this research:

Does this device work with a filtercartridge that needs to be replaced?

No, this device does noet work with a filter. This glass cup is being filled with clean potable water. The water is being hydrolized which results in hydrogen rich water.

Can this water safely be used for pets or children?

Yes, because the water is being hydrolized and the gasses hydrogen and oxigen are collected in the same compartment they will react to new water molecules. This makes sure that the water doesn't get acidic (hydrogen ions) or alkalic (hydroxide ions). These two ions resore the balance in the water.

Are chlorine or ozone being released during ionisation?

No, this hydrogenwater generator does not produce chlorine or ozone and is fully safe for use.

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Hydrogen Water Generator

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