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This salt is used with the water treatment. With a little bit of salt you make the water more suitable for the treatment with APS Therapy. The use of salt makes the water more conductive and the added oils make the skin softer, reducing the impedance of the skin. This stimulates the treatment because this way you can treat on a lower voltage and therefore the tissue experiences less stress.

The purpose of the salt is to make the water as conductive as possible. The more effort the current has to make to flow through the water, the more the body is stressed. For this reason, we looked for a way to make water extremely conductive as quickly as possible. We conducted research to find out what requirements this salt has to meet. And what turns out to be important is that the salt needs to dissolve well and quickly which makes the water highly conductive. We have conducted various tests in this regard.

For example, we made a test set-up with a quantity of 100 ml of water and we looked at how quickly a teaspoon of salt dissolves in the water. The graph below shows these measured values.

This shows that the APS salt is completely dissolved in three minutes, against which other salt types need 6 to even 10 minutes to dissolve. This makes more dissolved salt available to stimulate conduction. The graph below shows the effect the different types of salt have on the conductivity.

This shows that the APS salt also gives a very low resistance to the water. The APS salt gives a 1.000 kOhms decrease on the regular tap water where other salts give 500 to 700 kOhms decrease. This big decrease of resistance is due to the structure and the speed of dissolving of the salt.  As a result, the APS Therapy has a better effect on the body and less of the signal is lost in the water during the treatment. As a result, the load on the body is also lower and the body will give a better response to the water treatment,


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